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Experience superior performance and durability with our exhaust fans, false ceiling fans, air circulating fans, and ventilation products.

The largest variety of Exhaust Fans in Pakistan from Luxury to Affordability.

Voldam has been the World leader in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Ventilation Products. All products are built under ISO-9001 quality management system. Voldam has known for its attractive extensive range, designs with top class quality, performance, reliability and competitive price range.

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    Top Class Quality Products

    With a focus on quality our products made with only the finest materials and expertly manufactured for durability, longevity and long-lasting performance.

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    Experience fast and efficient order processing with our streamlined system. You'll never have to endure long wait times. Expect your delivery within Karachi to arrive in approximately 24 hours and 48 hours for all orders outside Karachi.

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    Experience peace of mind with our products, backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Shop with confidence.

Voldam Exhaust Fans

Voldam Wall, Glass & Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fans

Voldam exhaust ventilation fans allow your home to exhale, eliminating humidity, odor and airborne particulates from your bathrooms, closets, mud room, laundry, work out space and more.

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Industrial Exhaust Fan

Voldam Industrial & Commercial Ventilation Products.

Voldam Ventilation products include Mixed flow in-line fans, in-line centrifugal fans, portable ventilator fans, ventilation accessories used in commercial applications, including supply and exhaust applications that require powerful airflow.

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Voldam Ventilation Accessories

Voldam Ventilation Accessories

Voldam offer the ventilation essentials you need plus optional accessories to facilitate installation and help improve system operations. Our range includes Flexible Pipe, Air Grille, Vent Cover, Duct Connector, Reducer, Gravity Shutter, Diffuser, etc.

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  • Voldam Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fan

    Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fans BT Series 10", 12" 14" size

    Top Class Quality.

  • Voldam Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fan BD

    Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fans BD Series Stainless Steel

    Innovative European Design SS

  • Voldam Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fan BV

    Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fan BV Series Gold Stainless Steel

    Innovative European Design Gold SS

Buy Exhaust Fans in Pakistan

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Buy Exhaust Fans at Best Price in Pakistan

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Powerful Metal Body

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Buy online the best quality 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch Powerful Full Metal Body Kitchen Exhaust Fan. Widely used in the Kitchen and Warehouse.

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Voldam Air Curtain

Air Curtains in Pakistan

Voldam Air Curtains

Voldam Air Curtain help sustain a healthy working environment. Whether cooling, heating, or ambient conditions for a comfortable climate for customers and employees. Voldam Air Curtain is a good partner with air conditioners, which keep the indoor cool air more efficient. The invisible air door maintaining clean and fresh air for the indoor environment.

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New Arrival !

Voldam Air Circulating Fan

Voldam Air Circulating Fan 14"

Introducing The World's First Air Circulating Fan 14"


Architects & Interior Designers 1st Choice.

Voldam's Air Circulating Fan is the world's first fan designed specifically for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, lifts, and other small spaces. Perfect for low height ceilings, this 14" fan helps enhance air circulation and comfort.

Available in 6 Colors to match with interior.

Voldam bathroom fan pakistan

Air Circulating Fan

Buy Bathroom Ceiling Fan in Pakistan

Bathroom Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan

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kitchen fan price in pakistan

Architects & Designers 1st Choice.

Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Enhance Your Kitchen's Comfort and Style with a Modern Ceiling Fan.

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lift fan price in pakistan

Lift and Elevator Ceiling Fan

Buy Lift / Elevator Ceiling Fan

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Optimizing Air Circulation with Lifts Elevator Ceiling Fans.

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The Founder of False Ceiling Fans

Architects & Interior Designers First Choice.

The Perfect Ceiling Fan for 2x2 Ceiling.

Be a part of history with Voldam, the pioneer in inventing and introducing the widest range of false ceiling fans worldwide. Benefit from improved air circulation and reduced electricity consumption.

  • False Ceiling Fan in Pakistan

    Voldam False Ceiling Fan 14" 2x2 Super Slim

    Create a soothing ambiance in your office with our stylish and quiet false ceiling fan. Enjoy both comfort and elegance.

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  • False Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan

    Voldam False Ceiling Fan 18" 2x2 Hi Speed

    Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our high-quality ceiling fans. Stay cool in any season.

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Innovative European Design Ceiling Fans Open 14" & 18" Size

Exquisite 6 Colors to match with your interior.

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